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Dr. Luis Garcia and His Biomagnetism Therapy Innovations

Dr.Garcia’s Experience in Biomagnetism Therapy

Biological Magnetic therapy is a novel approach in alternative medicine that Dr. Luis.

Garcia champions greatly. This exemplary career spanning 15 years is a great testament to the immense possibilities of this groundbreaking methodology. Dr. Garcia, as part of his clinical practice, also runs frequent biomagnetic training seminars where he encourages others to follow in his footsteps.

Dr. Luis Garcia entered into the world of biomagnetism after earning his Bachelor of Science in Biology — a stunning adventure that lasted for long years. These years were spent researching various complementary therapies since biomagnetic therapy had always fascinated him with its transformative potential. His work served as a benchmark for subsequent developments in this field. Dr.Luis Garcia has accomplished many remarkable things in the field of Biomagnetism due to his unwavering commitment and sound knowledge base. He has made significant contributions by coming up with innovative approaches for Biomagnetism Therapy, conducting extensive researches and clinical trials on it respectively. Besides practising clinically, he imparts knowledge actively through worldwide conducted biometic training courses.

Dr.Garcia’s Research, Interviews, Podcasts and Webinars

The contribution which have been done by Dr.Luis Garcia to Biomagnetic therapy are highly outstanding.Many aspects regarding this area were completely changed due to deep academic studies undertaken by him.To get informed about possible ways of recovery are looking interviews on his website (

Based on dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia dr. luis garcia luis garcia dr luis garcia md.Luis Garica’s extensive research concerning the use of biomagnetism for the treatment of diseases such as malaria magnetic couples have been discovered.He has also developed several techniques and procedures used in biomagnetic pair poles.Those include self-published papers, essays, dissertations clinical case studies as well as publication at many reputable journals among others.Dr.Luis Garcia’s focus on biomagnetic pairs have been more on some other aspects like, magnetized water and magnetic fields.

Dr. Luis Garcia takes advantage of modern media by creating informative podcasts that contain valuable insights about biomagnetism. These podcasts are free resources targeted at both patients and practitioners. One such podcast is ‘Lyme disease: I was so sick, I wrote my Will,’ which tells the story of a patient who recovered from severe Lyme disease through Biomagnetism Therapy. There are other podcasts on how practitioners have benefitted from the Biomagnetism Therapy treatment, like ‘Dr. García’s inspiring personal story with Biomagnetism.’ These podcasts are helpful for practitioners and patients interested in understanding Biomagnetism Therapy.

“What is Biomagnetic therapy?” is Dr.Garcia’s most notable webinar whereby he has shared his knowledge and experience in an orderly manner effectively answering its listeners queries as well as giving guidance to various people irrespective of their level of expertise.

In-person training

Dr.Luis Garcia’s influence goes beyond his clinical practice because he wants to share the benefits of using biomagnetic therapy.Certainly life-long mentorship and trainings have seen over 750 students acquire necessary skills needed for them to do biomedical therapy under his watchful eyes.This group represents upcoming professionals deeply influenced by him since they view therapy as a tool for change.Amosng these young ones, over sixty (60) actively applies magnetic therapy among members of their communities reaching out for hope and healings.Through this achievement, we can just deduce how much Dr.Luis Garcia desires to see that everyone knows what benefits biomagnetic therapy can give them.

BeyondBiomagnetismTherapy online course

Dr. Luis Garcia’s online course and in-person training sessions for Beyond Biomagnetism Therapy are examples of his commitment to knowledge dissemination.

This course, which was created by Dr. Luis Garcia himself, embodies all the content of live seminars and provides guidelines on where to put magnets for the treatment of different diseases step by step.

The “Biomagnetism and Beyond Practitioners Guidebook” is a bonus that comes with this online course designed for those who have registered for it and is helpful to students.

This online course can act as an alternative for people who cannot make it to physically attend training sessions.

Beyond Biomag 3D App

Among these include the “Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book” as well as the “Beyond Biomag 3D Mobile App,” which shows Dr. Luis Garcia’s dedication to providing biomagnetic therapy resources that are easily available. This state-of-the-art program has both annual and monthly subscription options, as it is available on the App Stores and Play Store. It allows accurate application of biomagnetic therapy through recognizing the linked infections and matching couples by its 3D human model along with easy-to-use interface. The “Beyond Biomag 3D App” features numerous anatomical points vocabulary useful for newcomers as well as specialists.

Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book

The “Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book” by Dr. Luis Garcia is an essential tool recommended to medical professionals seeking an in-depth understanding about basic principles behind bio-magnetic therapy. This book offers vibrant images of all biomagnetic pairs and is a reference material used by experts worldwide. With publication of this book, public awareness concerning biomagnetic therapy has been raised by Dr Luis Garcia.(copied) Discounts are also available for those purchasing both printed book copies and e-books versions.Amazon sells the printed version while you get e-book from that will be downloaded to your computer.

Supplies for Biomagnetism practitioners

Dr. Luis Garcia developed a website that sells necessary supplies for biomagnetic therapy because he knew the importance of having knowledgeable practitioners. This work ensures clinicians can accurately and confidently treat patients, thus enhancing overall success of the therapy.

That different magnets are available to practitioners of biomagnetic therapy show Dr. Luis Garcia’s commitment to excellence. Different magnet sizes best fit various anatomical regions for better positioning. For example, medium magnets are good for the thorax, abdomen and arms whereas large magnets are suitable for legs and back parts. Mini magnets should be used on eyes, nose and fingertips while small ones on head, necks and hands respectively.These magnets are made in America with a seven year warranty which is why they are known as dependable and durable.


Dr. Luis Garcia’s unwavering dedication to biomagnetic therapy has transformed the entire field of Biomagnetism Therapy and its curative potentiality. His exceptional clinical skills, motivational leadership styles as well as innovative work continue influencing evolutionary process within biomagnetic therapy.Theres still hope among those who are searching for life-changing remedies through this remarkable science.As far as his contributions to this field is concerned these developments involve numerous means such as training sessions; online courses; cutting-edge 3D mobile app; comprehensive manuals and important materials done

To learn more about biomagnetic therapy and benefit from transformative training courses offered by Dr.Luis Garcia.Join him in this incredible journey towards healing and change!

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